FF Creative Challenge

Forefront Creative Challenge

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Forefront Creative Challenge is an open challenge to creators and artists to create content, in any expression medium they prefer, on topics related to creator economy. We are offering 4500 $FF in rewards for top submissions and a chance to have their work added to FF DAO NFT Gallery.


Social tokens, creator economy, crypto social, NFTs, DAOs, communities;

Content ideas

Creative art NFTs; Memes; Discord sticker package; Promo videos on social tokens related topics; Infographics; Other creative medium;


The competition will start on April 26th and run for a period of 8 days (ending on May 4th at 11PM UTC).

Rewards Allocation

1st prize 1500 $FF (1 placement) / 2nd place 1000 $FF (2 placements, 500 each) / 3rd place 1000 $FF (4 placements, 250 each). Additionally we will distribute 50 FF to top 20 Submissions.

How to Participate / Contest Rules

To participate follow @forefront__ on twitter and tweet your submission tagging @forefront__ and using hashtag #ffchallenge and #socialtokens. Please note that to be eligible your twitter account must have been created more than 20 days ago. Multiple submissions are allowed (Discord stickers max image size 256kb).


A basic discord poll will be used to filter the top 20 applicants, who will then be selected by FF DAO contributors, collaborators and FF core team.


Join our discord and leave your questions in the #ffchallege channel.


Forefront token holds no inherent value. It will launch with the sole use case of being used for governance and curation.

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