Community Airdrop

Retroactive Airdrop

Users had 14 days to claim FF airdrop before it was rolled over to the community treasury. Claiming period ended March 14th, 2021 - 11PM UTC.

20% of the FF supply was distributed to all users that held a minimum threshold of social tokens listed on Forefront.

Allocations were assigned based on the number of unique social tokens held, ensuring that a wallet held the minimum number of social tokens required to access the token permissioned groups. (55 for FWB, 1000 for JAMM, 17 for WHALE, etc. etc.)

Holders of social tokens listed on Forefront on March 12th at 12 PM UTC were eligible for FF, so long as they held at least the minimum number of tokens required to join the token permissioned chat. If there was no minimum amount, the default number was set at 10 tokens (with exception of $RLY).

Please note, the airdrop snapshot was taken prior to the Roll social token hack, giving us the most accurate representation of the social token community before the big shake up.

For each social token, holders received a base allocation of ~238 FF tokens. A total of ~6742 addresses qualified for the airdrop. In addition to the base allocation, SWAGG holders received a 2x allocation, FWB holders received a 1.25x allocation and WHALE holders received a 1.15x allocation.

These base $FF allocations stack on top of one another, meaning holders of WHALE, FWB and SWAGG will receive three FF allocations instead of a fixed allocation of 238 FF.

A full breakdown of the FF airdrop allocations can be found here.

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